Protecting your valuables inside a storage container this summer

Whether you’re stowing away winter gear or making space for seasonal items, if you’re planning to put some of your belongings into secure storage this summer, there are a few things to consider. Here are our essential tips for self storage in summer.

1. Pick the right storage unit

Summers in the UK are getting warmer and warmer so if you’re storing valuables, think about choosing an appropriate storage unit that’ll protect them from any adverse effects of high temperatures and humidity. There are lots of different types of storage units, and if you’re worried about the effects of heat on the items you’re storing, you could opt for weather-proof steel containers, or even an indoor unit that can be temperature controlled.

2. Elevate your items

Even in a weather-proof storage unit, elevating certain valuables can help protect them from the effects of high humidity levels, such as mould or mildew. Things like valuable furniture and artwork will especially benefit from being stored off the floor, to prevent them coming into contact with moisture and to help increase air flow around them.

3. Choose light-coloured covers

Covering your stored items helps to protect them from dust. Whether you’re going for long-term storage or short-term storage over the summer months, opting for light-coloured coverings will be beneficial, especially for items that are particularly susceptible to heat damage such as leather furniture or delicate fabrics. This is because light-coloured materials absorb less heat than dark-coloured ones.

4. Beware of insects

Summer in the UK can bring plenty of unwanted guests in the form of insects, which can wreak havoc on your valuables. It means it’s really important to choose secure storage that’s either indoors or protected by steel to help prevent pests from gaining access to your things, and causing damage.

5. Clean valuables before storing them

It’s always a good idea to make sure that anything you want to store has been thoroughly cleaned in advance. In summer, it’s really important to ensure your things are free from dirt, dust or residue, otherwise this could increase the chances of mould growing while they’re in storage. Taking the time to clean and prepare your items also gives you a chance to check for signs of damage or deterioration before storing them, and allows you to repair any problems beforehand.

6. Check on your things regularly

While secure storage is a great way of putting items out of sight, you don’t necessarily want them to become entirely out of mind as well. If you’re storing belongings over the height of summer, it’s worth choosing a unit that you’ll still have access to, so you can come and check on your things at any time. As well as giving you peace of mind that everything’s safe, it’ll give you a chance to move items around and rotate them round the space, which can help increase airflow and keep them in pristine condition.

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