Unique Items

Specialist transportation of unique, single items

We are often involved in transporting a variety of unique items that require specialist care and attention.

Spire Removals has experience moving expensive artwork to new galleries, motorbikes to rally races, and antiques to homes, shops and auctions. We’ve also moved snooker tables, grand pianos, cars, and many weird and wonderful objects. Every unique item we transport is done properly, with the correct equipment, protection and supervision.

We like to be challenged and have a solution for everything. If you have a unique item that needs moving somewhere, Spire Removals are here to help you get it safely and efficiently to its destination.


Moving unique items

Handled with utmost professionalism and proficiency

How we move an item depends entirely on the item itself. Every item is unique and requires its own specialist equipment to provide the right kind of support and protection. If we are moving a glass chandelier it will be hung and supported properly in our vehicle. If we are moving a statue we will carefully crate it to ensure the weight is correctly supported. We’ll also use a crane to assist with the lifting of heavy items.

We always work with a removals professional whose job it is to monitor and supervise the whole process. This professional also varies with the job in hand.

For special items such as chandeliers, artwork, pianos & more, Spire Removals, Dorset, offer elite packing services.

Every item is fully insured

Your item is in safe and capable hands

Not only are we fully licensed and insured, but we will insure your item to its value for the length of time we’re in charge of it. That means your painting or pool table is completely covered. We’re also completely transparent. We’ll supply you with all the documentation so that you can see what we’ve paid and have peace of mind that your item is looked after – no matter what.

All our vehicles are modern and have the latest technology in suspension. No vibration means no damage, no cracked furniture. You can rest assured your item is safe with us.

Spire Removals, Salisbury, Wiltshire is a removal company that delivers moving, packing & storage solutions.
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