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Experienced in managing international moves

We’ll manage every detail of your international move – including everything in your new country.

When it comes to international moves, the organisation of shipping containers alone can be laborious and stressful. We have over 25 years’ of experience handling international removals and are here to put your mind at rest. We’ll manage the entire process for you and get your possessions safely from A to B without you having to arrange any assistance in your new home-country.

Communication is key. That’s why with all international moves we provide you with a dedicated removals coordinator. This personal approach means you have a direct line to someone at Spire Removals. If you need advice, someone to talk to or have an urgent enquiry, we’re just a phone call away.


Fully comprehensive service

Everything is handled by our specialist team

When we say everything, we mean everything. We carefully pack, transport and load your belongings into your container. We offer various specialist packing services suitable for ensuring your possessions are safe from damage and moisture during the journey. We stringently document an inventory of your belongings for customs and track your container right through to its destination.

And our involvement doesn’t end there. One of our removals team will meet with a prearranged like-for-like company on the other side, hand-picked by ourselves. Under careful supervision, your possessions will be unloaded and transported to your new home. We’ll then unload and even unpack your items if you want us to.

A member of the Spire Removals team, Hampshire, doing specialist packing to ensure possessions are safe from any damage.

We’ve got you covered

Fully licensed and insured

Spire Removals is a fully licensed and insured removals company. This means that we can guarantee your items will be completely covered throughout your international removal.

Our insurance protects your belongings while in transit in both our vehicles and a container, as well as during packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. We also take out additional insurance for belongings that require it. Even when working with another company abroad, we accept liability. This means, no matter what happens, you’re belongings are in safe hands.

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Spire Removals, Hampshire can do international, European & domestic moves. Speak to a Removal's expert today.

Honest and accurate quotes

All our quotes are fair and bespoke

When you contact us about moving to another country outside Europe, you’ll speak directly with a member of our dedicated customer service who’ll arrange a site viewing with you. By meeting you at your home we can offer you the most accurate quotation based on the size of your move and what services you require. This helps to save you time and energy, and even avoid any unexpected charges further down the road. Speak to an international removals expert today about your quotation.

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