Create space and simplify your life: top items to put in storage

We’ve all made vague plans to clear out and declutter our homes at one point or another – but how many of us actually go through with it?

A proper clear-out, the sort that can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity levels, feels daunting to many people, and is put off time after time as a result.

It always brings up the difficult question: what do you actually do with all the excess stuff that’s taking up space and clogging your home, but that you can’t bear to throw away? Whether it’s for sentimental reasons or down to a conviction that one day the item will come in handy, the reluctance to get rid of belongings is most people’s barrier to decluttering.

But if you don’t throw it away, where does it go? Most of us don’t have access to reams of subtle storage within our own homes – if we did, clutter would be less of an issue in the first place.

Enter self-storage. If your New Year resolution is finally to get round to having that clear-out you’ve been putting off for so long, why not check out options for self storage in Salisbury? By keeping certain items safe in storage, you can free up space and transform your home, without having to wave a final goodbye to your belongings.

What sort of self-storage do I need?

Self-storage is particularly handy for seasonal items that take up a lot of room in the home but are only used once or twice a year. This could be Christmas decorations, camping gear or even ski equipment.

Or if you have adult children who have left home, there might be a great deal of their things still around the house that you’re reluctant to throw away. Storage can offer a great solution, with units available in a huge variety of forms and sizes, such as steel containers, wooden crates and self-contained units, and can cater for almost anything.

Long-term storage is great for things that you’ll want to store for several months, or even years. But for things you’d like to get out of the way on a more temporary basis, perhaps while you have guests staying, construction work underway or even in-between house moves, short-term storage is a fantastic option for just a few weeks or months.

You can even use short-term storage for items you use for a large part of the year, but would like out of the way the rest of time, such as garden furniture or seasonal clothing.

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Kickstart your clear-out

Whichever type of storage you choose for your belongings, make things as easy as possible for yourself by booking with a Salisbury self-storage provider that doesn’t enforce notice periods, like Spire. That way, you can remove your items from storage whenever you need to, and there’s no need to worry if things don’t quite pan out as you’d planned.

It also allows you to try out self-storage without long-term commitment, so you can take the opportunity to see for yourself all the advantages it can have.

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