Hampshire to Wales Move

Stress-free home moving service

First Steps

The Spire Removals team provided the client with a quote and coordinated a meeting to illustrate a rough plan of what we would be moving and on which day. The client wished to reside at the property until the very last day of her tenancy, thus, our moving schedule had to be very carefully planned to not affect her home or work life (as she worked from home). In order to cause no disturbance, our plan was cleverly constructed to pack at certain times of the day to sustain a stress-free, work-from-home environment.

The Move

We began the moving process by preparing everything, from expensive pieces of artwork to TVs, expertly wrapping every single item. The majority of the client’s possessions were being thoroughly packed in robust bubble wrap, paper wrapping and crates, ready to be kept in storage for two years, whilst she resided in Wales. The client pays for this storage monthly.

In the next three weeks, Spire Removals would pack one large section, then move on to the next bit, working our way through the entire house, and leaving any essentials required by the client. Our greatest challenge was the narrow and long driveway which made it difficult to reach the house with our lorries; we used smaller vehicles to move everything into the lorries. Everything was packed and ready to go, so we transported the rest of the client’s possessions to her home in Wales. We travelled with our client which provided her with complete peace of mind that everything was arriving at the same time.

Spire Removals, Salisbury, Wiltshire is a removal company that delivers moving, packing & storage solutions.

Last Step

At the new house, we advised our client to sit back and watch the magic happen as we unpacked and placed every single item in the spaced desired. The Spire Removals team even built in her TV, so that she could put her feet up, and watch an hour of TV before bed.

After the two years of storage, we will be helping our client move her possessions into another home. The client was incredibly pleased with our work, she even advised her friends to use Spire Removals for their next move!

We understand moving to a new house can be stressful, so we are always completely transparent throughout the whole process to maintain a hassle-free, effective atmosphere for the client. We will always complete the whole move before or on the deadline date originally proposed.

Start planning your move today.

We offer a range of comprehensive removal and packing services tailored specifically to your needs. For storage solutions, choose from self-storage, containers and crates for all your storage needs. Our removals and storage quotes vary with every client and cover all aspects of the move. From ‘all inclusive’ to a straightforward self-packing and pick-up arrangement, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke removals, storage and packing packages.


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