How to pack fragile items for your move

Moving house can be stressful, even with professional furniture removers to help, and the last thing you need is to discover that not all of your belongings have reached their destination safely.

Good packing is key to ensuring your precious items – especially those that are a little more fragile – avoid damage in transit.

If you have booked a furniture moving service, check whether they also offer packing as well as removals. Having professionals prepare your items for the move will give you peace of mind that all your things will be expertly packed in a way that keeps them safe.

Some furniture removers, such as Spire, even offer ‘fragile pack’ services, so you can benefit from their expertise in just the areas it’s needed most.

But if you’re going it alone and packing up your home yourself, there are ways you can make sure fragile furniture and other items remain in pristine condition throughout the move.

1. Use appropriate boxes

Make sure your packing boxes are strong enough to hold the items you’re putting in them. If in doubt, use extra tape to secure the seams at the bottom and around the edges.

Check whether you still have any of the original boxes or packaging your fragile items came in. It’ll fit them perfectly, meaning it’s often the best way to transport delicate belongings.

2. Label boxes as fragile

It sounds obvious, but by clearly labelling boxes that contain delicate items, you can be confident that they’ll be handled appropriately by your furniture removers, and anyone lse involved in the move for that matter.

Add a label to the sides of the box, too, rather than just the top, so it can easily be seen from every angle.

3. Pack items individually

For fragile things with separate parts, detach them before packing, and pack each part individually. Use bubble wrap and tape to keep them secure and use smaller boxes to pack them into, rather than piling them into a large box with lots of other things that could cause damage.

4. Put heavy things at the bottom

When you can’t avoid packing lots of items into one big box, be strategic with how you arrange them.

Place larger and heavier things at the bottom, and arrange smaller and more delicate items on top. It’s still a good idea to ensure that these fragile pieces are individually wrapped inside the box, though.

5. Disassemble furniture

Delicate items are not always small. Furniture can be fragile and require special care to keep it safe during packing, transit and unloading.

One of the best things you can do is to take furniture apart as far as possible, and pack individual parts separately. For example, take drawers out of a chest and wrap each one, take legs off a table where possible and disassemble bed frames.

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