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First Steps

We started the process by listening to the couple’s requirements for the move. We proposed a plan and a quote to the clients, which were accepted and then there was a planning meeting to schedule what was being moved on what day. The entire packing, moving and unpacking stages were spread across two weeks and the plan ensured that the moving did not affect the clients’ busy work schedules.

The Move

The move consisted of completely dismantling items, expertly wrapping, transporting everything to the new property, then unwrapping and putting together the possessions. The items would be placed in the exact spaces pre-approved by the clients. This was a very big move as the clients owned three holiday cottages and an equestrian centre, all on one property. Every single item from the entire property was being transported to the new home. This included polo club belongings, ornaments, pictures, TVs, and sentimental items such as their bed frames, which were carefully wrapped to prevent any damage. We also placed the beautiful chandeliers in purpose-built crates to prevent any damage. Every single item in the houses was bubble-wrapped, packed in paper or tea crates with pad wrapping (for example, for their expensive antiques) – nothing left the property unwrapped!

We organised an electrician to help out with lighting fixtures and a sub-contractor for the crane work, this was required for the equestrian centre, which was craned back together at the new property. We supervised and led the entire craning process from start to finish.

Last Steps

Over the two weeks, Spire Removals went backwards and forwards from one property to another, transferring every single item to the new home. Spire Removals worked with complete transparency so that the clients knew exactly which items were being moved on which days and times.

Spire Removals unpacked everything and made sure it was all placed in their correct positions – to an inch! To achieve this, we collaboratively worked with the clients to ensure that their expectations were met. After almost everything was unpacked, we put together the client’s snooker table and to test the table was set up correctly, we played a game with the client!

The clients were exceptionally happy with how Spire Removals went above and beyond to provide a well-rounded, effective service. Total transparency and detailed planning were required to achieve a stress-free moving environment for our clients.

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We offer a range of comprehensive removal and packing services tailored specifically to your needs. For storage solutions, choose from self-storage, containers and crates for all your storage needs. Our removals and storage quotes vary with every client and cover all aspects of the move. From ‘all inclusive’ to a straightforward self-packing and pick-up arrangement, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke removals, storage and packing packages.


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