Moving with a conscience: Spire’s environmental commitment

It’s never been more important for all of us to do as much as we can to help protect our planet and its people. If you try to live your life as sustainably as possible, you probably want to know that the companies you work with are doing their bit to help care for the environment too.

Did you know that there are many ways in which the removal process can be damaging to the environment? From the transport involved in getting your belongings to A to B, to the waste generated and the packing materials commonly used, moving house probably has a bigger carbon footprint than you realised.

And while moving house may not be something many of us do very often as individuals, there are thousands of UK households moving home every month. Every move counts, meaning that when it does come to your turn, it’s worth doing what you can to reduce the carbon footprint of your move.

So, how do you ensure yours is a sustainable move? Well, it all comes down to the removal company that you choose to work with. Making sure you work with a professional set-up is the first step – a move conducted by experts will almost always be more sustainable than a DIY attempt. This is because processes will be more efficient and less wasteful, vehicles will be more suited to the task and there’s less chance of expensive error when you work with an expert removal service.

But some removal companies have far more eco awareness than others, and it’s crucial to do your research to ensure that the firm you choose matches your own sustainability standards.

What to look for in a sustainable removal company

So how do you know whether a removal company is sustainability focused or not? A good first sign is that they openly share their eco credentials and commitments on their website, and are transparent about what they’re doing to help.

But it’s not enough just to shout about sustainability. It’s also important that their policies are both genuinely effective at reducing the carbon output of every move they conduct, and realistic too. That way, you’ll know there’s more chance they’ll be able to follow through with the action they promise.

For example, the team at Spire Removals are dedicated to using sustainable methods and finding eco-friendly solutions – and they can back up what they say with actions they’ve taken, too. Some of the sustainable switches Spire’s already made include:

> Investing in fuel efficient vans that are up to ultra-low emissions standards

> Using recycled packing boxes

> Swapping bubble wrap for purpose-built backing bags for everyday moves

And in areas that still present sustainability challenges, the Spire team are actively seeking solutions and pushing for eco-friendly methods and products. This includes investigating recyclable alternatives to plastic packing wrap, and actively seeking a paper-based alternative to traditional plastic packing tape.

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