The best time to book a removal company to ensure a smooth move

Knowing when you need to book a removal company is a key part of the wider planning around your house move.

There is no hard and fast rule because everyone’s situation is different, but generally speaking, book removals about four to six weeks before your ideal moving date.

The earlier your book, the more time you’ll have to compare quotes, read reviews and find a trustworthy removal company that best meets your needs. You’ll also have more chance of being able to move on your preferred date. School holidays and weekends get booked up fast, so if you need to move at these times, you will want to book as early as possible to snap them up.

If you’re buying, it’s a good idea to book your removals as soon as possible after you have exchanged contracts on the property. At this stage you’ll have a moving date confirmed, and are legally committed to the purchase, meaning plans are unlikely to change.

But it’s never too early to start researching removal companies, and you can also get a provisional quote before you have a firm completion date, as long as you know roughly where you’ll be moving to, and how much you need to move.

Some companies will even allow you to book for a provisional date to be confirmed later, which can be handy if you are still waiting for a moving date to be confirmed by all parties within a property transaction.

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