What’s the difference between short and long-term storage?

So, you think you would benefit from some self-storage. Great. But is short-term or long-term storage best suited to your circumstances, and what is the difference between them?

Short-term storage explained

If you need to store belongings for a short time frame – a period of weeks rather than months – then you probably need short-term storage services.

Usually up to three months, short-term storage is a handy solution for those times when you just need to be sure your things are safe and out of the way, for example during a house move, renovations, or even if you have family or friends coming to stay.

In these instances, it makes sense to use a steel container, which come in different sizes from 10 sq ft all the way up to 200 sq ft. They’re dry, damp-free, surveilled around the clock and you can gain access whenever you want, to change items around or simply check all is well.

Store your personal belongings with Spire Removals, Wiltshire in our steel containers.

Long-term storage explained

For times when you want to store items for several months or on an ongoing basis, long-term storage is the ideal solution.

You may be decluttering but not quite ready to part with some belongings, moving abroad or waving a child off to university and planning what to do with their room. Whatever the reason, long-term storage means you have one less thing to worry about.

For long-term storage over three months, reinforced wooden crates are a fantastic option as they can be filled and safely transported to a secure, monitored warehouse. There, they can be easily uploaded and stored safely.

And long-term storage doesn’t mean you can’t access your things. Simply make an appointment to come and check on your belongings, or add more.

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Short-term versus long-term storage: other considerations

The length of time you wish to store items will affect how best to pack and protect them. For a single self- storage unit, that you might wish to access during the storage period, try to keep an aisle free through the middle of the unit, to make it easier for you to see what’s there, and get to everything if needed.

When it comes to protection, items stored for a shorter period need less than those that are going to stay in storage long-term. For example, covering your belongings with a bedsheet or simple cloth will likely suffice for a couple of weeks, but you should opt for proper dust sheets for long-term storage.

What if I don’t know how long I’ll need storage?

We don’t always know what lies ahead, and even when we think we do, even the best laid plans can change. That’s why Spire will store your items for as long as you need us to. There’s no notice period and you can remove your items whenever you want to, so there’s no need to panic if life doesn’t quite go to plan.

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