Why removals insurance is key to a stress-free move

If you want to move house with minimal stress – and who doesn’t – then you need to factor removals insurance into your plans. Here’s why and what to look for

Moving with confidence: why insured removals are the ultimate stress-reliever 

Moving house is usually very exciting, but there’s no denying that sometimes it can also be a stressful ordeal. From packing up your life and belongings to coordinating logistics, there’s a lot to think about. However, a great way to alleviate some of that stress is by booking a fully insured removals company.  

Here’s why removals insurance is so important when it comes to a smooth move and how you can make sure you’re working with a company that’ll make your move easier, not harder.  

1. It gives you peace of mind 

When your belongings are in transit, accidents can happen, be it a minor scratch or something more significant. Working with a fully insured removals company offers you peace of mind, because you know that your possessions are covered by insurance and that any damages incurred during the moving process will be taken care of. 

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2. You’ll know you’re working with experts 

Professional removals companies have the expertise and experience to handle your move efficiently, from secure packing to safe manoeuvring and loading. And if a company’s fully insured, you know they have confidence in their own expertise and ability to keep your belongings safe throughout the moving process, meaning you can trust them too.  

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3. Save time and energy 

Moving is a time-consuming process that requires a significant amount of physical effort, as well as careful logistical planning. By hiring a fully insured removals company, you can leave the packing and heavy lifting to them, and instead focus on other aspects of your move, such as setting up utilities or just getting excited about life in your new home. 

4. Lower stress with a streamlined process  

A house move involves juggling multiple tasks and logistics. But working with a professional removals company who offers an end-to-end service streamlines this process. From packing and loading to transportation and unpacking, letting someone else handle every aspect of your move eliminates the need for you to coordinate multiple companies and ensures a smoother, stress-free transition from your old home to your new one. 

How to make sure you’ve got the right removals insurance 

You know how important it is to work with a fully-insured removals company when you move house, but how can you find one and make sure they’re really going to do a good job? 

Before instructing a removals company, check with them what sort of insurance they offer and whether it covers every stage of the move, from packing to unloading at the other end. Ask whether it includes cover for fragile or specialist items as well – a reputable firm will be more than happy to answer all your questions about removals insurance and should also be able to provide you with the paperwork for ultimate peace of mind. 

And look for a removals company whose employees are on the books, as this means that everything they do should be fully insured. Steer clear of those who use subcontractors as chances are they won’t be covered by insurance. Ask how they deal with situations which might call for extra hands or specialist expertise – the best companies will work with other like-minded, fully insured professionals. 

Finally, don’t forget to read plenty of reviews and consider the recommendations of others. When a removals company is truly outstanding, word tends to get out.  

For a stress-free, fully insured move, contact Spire Removals today for a personalised quote.  

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