Winchester Village Move

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First Steps

This move was from one house to another which was half a mile away, in a Winchester village. The major challenge was the lack of access between the roads that led up to each house; the roads leading up to the driveways were long and narrow and meant that the Spire Removals’ lorries could not reach the properties. As usual, we came up with a quote and strategy to move all the items manually from the clients’ home, down the driveway, to the main road, into the lorry, down the main road, then out of the lorry and manually carried down the road and driveway to the new house. The quote and plan were approved by our clients and we began the packing process.

The Move

Whilst we were packing the clients’ items, we noticed that the weather was going to be a problem – it was raining a lot! We had to ensure everything was packed well enough to withstand the rain when manually taking the items from the house to the lorries. Spire Removals began by loading up the non-essentials; covers, mattresses and sofas were moved on the final day, allowing the couple to enjoy home comforts until the end of their residency. There was a team of 6 picking up items, walking down the rainy, long driveway and road, to the lorry and securely chaining it up. We went backwards and forwards until the lorry was loaded up completely.

The next day, we picked up the overnight possessions and waited to be let into the new home as the clients had not received the key yet. The new house was located up a hill with limited access. We hired a small van to complete 30 trips, backwards and forwards from the lorries, up the narrow lane and into the new home.

Spire Removals, man with a van, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire and close to Dorset and Hampshire.

Last Steps

Finally, we rebuilt the furniture, beds, tables, and TVs, ready for the couple to enjoy their new home, without having to break a sweat. Even though the days were rainy and miserable, the Spire Removals team were exceptional in completing the move, up to the best standards, always listening to the clients and abiding by their requests with a total level of transparency.

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