Spring cleaning tips for decluttering your home

Spring is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to welcome the warmer, brighter months than with a clean and tidy home.

So why not use this time of year to give your home a thorough clean and spend time sorting through your belongings? It’ll help you feel more organised, relaxed and ready for the busy summer season ahead.

Spring cleaning can take many forms, from deep-cleaning your home to breathing life into your garden, or making use of self storage units to free up space in your house. If decluttering is high on your to-do list, here’s some tips to help you create more space in your home without the stress.

1. Give yourself enough time

If you have a lot of belongings, or it’s been a long time since your last clear-out, cleaning and decluttering can take quite a while. If you don’t have a full day or weekend to dedicate to it, split the task into 30-minute stints, and plan which areas of your home you’ll tackle during each session.

However, many people find they’re more productive when they have a bigger chunk of time to really get into the rhythm of cleaning and sorting – with less chance of backing out once the task is underway. So try to put aside a full day if you can.

Give yourself enough time

2. Decide your options in advance

Before you start, work out what options you have for items you don’t want to keep or don’t have space for. This will help speed up the decision-making process once you begin. You might create a pile of things to sell, another for items to give away or donate to charity and another for the stuff that needs throwing away.

Self storage, whether it’s long-term or short-term storage, is another option – especially for items that you’re not sure about. It means you don’t have to commit to saying goodbye to everything you want out of the house.

3. Ask yourself key questions

For each item, ask yourself if it brings you genuine joy. Consider when you last used or wore something – and be ruthless.

If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in the past year, will you really wear it in future? Picture yourself pulling it back out during a spring cleaning session in a year’s time and ask yourself how you’ll feel then.

If you rarely use something but you truly love it, putting it in storage could be the ideal solution.

decluttering clothes

4. Create more storage where needed

Successful decluttering should leave a decent portion of the storage in your home unused. Otherwise, you risk your space becoming overfilled again in a short space of time, and your house quickly becoming messy and disorganised.

But, if you’re really struggling to free up storage space, why not simply create more for yourself in the form of a self-storage unit elsewhere?

5. Stay emotionally detached

Going through old belongings can stir up a lot of memories and emotions. While there’s no harm in reminiscing, spending too long looking through your things can not only take up a lot of time, but it’ll make it harder to make rational decisions.

If you find it hard not to let your emotions get in the way of decluttering, why not ask a friend or family member without a connection to your belongings for help?

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